Money Saving Tips For Your Orlando Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Tue, Jun 30, 2015

Many homeowners will wait way too long to remodel their kitchen because they are afraid of the overall cost of a kitchen remodel. Many have heard that it is the most expensive room in the home to remodel.  It doesn’t have to be that way. Homeowners can remodel their kitchen now and be very successful by using these money saving tips and avoiding costly mistakes.

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The Benefits Of Owning A Home In Florida

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Wed, Dec 31, 2014

For some of us we may just be purchasing our first home and for others we have been fortunate enough to own a home for several years. With that comes a sense of pride and a feeling that those who have not owned a home cannot comprehend. The feeling of walking into your newly purchased home is indescribable. There is just something about knowing it belongs to you and you get to make the decisions.

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Which Home Remodeling Projects Will Add Value To Your Florida Home?

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Mon, Nov 10, 2014

Whether you have recently bought a home or have been living in your home a while chances are you bought it with the intent of making some changes. We’ve all watched the inspiring home makeover shows.  Who doesn’t want to do the same thing to their home? It may be a new kitchen, adding a sunroom, or adding an extra bathroom. They make it all look so easy and cost doesn’t usually seem to be a factor. Reality quickly settles in when we actually find out what it is going to cost.  It’s important that we are careful about the projects we choose and learn what ones will add value and which ones don’t.

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Upgrades Worth Doing For Your Orlando Kitchen Cabinets

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Mon, Oct 06, 2014

When it comes to remodeling a kitchen there are so many different decisions you, the homeowner, has to make. Deciding what upgrades you should choose for your Orlando kitchen cabinets can be a little overwhelming. It is hard to decide when working within a budget which ones will give you the biggest return on your investment, as well as which ones you’ll like the most since you can’t have them all.

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