How To Add Personality to Your Florida Kitchen

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Fri, Sep 30, 2016

There are a variety of homes and home styles throughout Florida. Some of us may live in neighborhoods where the homes are as diverse as the people who live in them. Or we may live in a tract home or condominium that unless you walk inside there is really no difference. So it is what is on the inside that allows homeowners to share and reflect their personality.

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Central Cabinetry’s New and Exciting Cabinet Options in 2016

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Thu, Apr 21, 2016

With each passing year Central Cabinetry continues to offer more options for your kitchen and bath cabinets. This year it is all about color, style, and function. New colors are becoming softer and moving from cooler to warmer hues. In 2016 you not only get more cabinet options but also more for your money. There has never been a better time for choosing Central Florida cabinets for your upcoming home renovation.

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Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Finishes That Don’t Go Out Of Style

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Fri, Dec 04, 2015

Getting a new kitchen is not inexpensive.   When remodeling your Central Florida kitchen you want to make sure that you choose cabinets that will not quickly date themselves and leave you with buyer’s remorse.   Over the years we have found that there are certain cabinet colors and finishes that no matter what the trend is they never seem to go out of style.

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