5 Common Kitchen Remodel Trade-Offs

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Fri, Aug 18, 2017

When remodeling your kitchen, you may have to decide between two competing things even if you want them both. It could be because of budget, or just because those competing things you want can’t coexist.

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Planning a Kitchen for a Growing Family

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Wed, Jul 19, 2017

As our families grow and change so does the way we utilize and use our kitchen. It is no secret that kitchens are used for more than just cooking. They are where we entertain, socialize, our children do homework, and so much more.  If you are feeling that crunch and your kitchen is no longer working just right for your growing family, it might be time to consider planning a kitchen remodel. 

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Doing a Kitchen Remodel can Make You Healthier

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Tue, Apr 25, 2017

Being healthier is a craze nowadays and everyone wants to find ways to do better. Well, studies show that remodeling your kitchen may be just the catalyst you need to make the jump to a healthier lifestyle.

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Budgeting Tips for a Kitchen Remodel

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Mon, Jul 25, 2016

One of the most important conversations to have (with yourself or a significant other) before you begin the process of doing a remodel is your budget. It’s not a fun conversation typically, and can be uncomfortable to have to place limits on your dream result, but it makes everything easier to know what the boundaries will be before you begin.

To help you get a complete budget, follow these budgeting tips below and you’ll be prepared.

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Exploring Kitchen Layouts: The G-Shaped Kitchen

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Thu, Jul 14, 2016

One of the less common kitchen layouts that we don’t see as much of anymore is the G-shaped kitchen. While it is not as common in many of today’s kitchens it is still worth looking at to see if it is right for your current or new construction kitchen. This layout has extra storage, more countertop space, and can even add additional seating options to your current kitchen.

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Matching Kitchen Cabinet Hardware to Your Kitchen Style and Finish

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Mon, Jun 20, 2016

When remodeling your Orlando area kitchen or purchasing a new home there are numerous decisions that you will have to make.  From cabinet style to choosing the finish and color of the cabinet, countertop material, and kitchen cabinet hardware.  Most homeowners assume once all the other kitchen materials are chosen that choosing your cabinet hardware would be the easiest part.  It does matter and is not something that should be brushed over lightly.

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Should You Include A Pot Filler In Your Kitchen Design?

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Sat, Apr 30, 2016

Whether you are building a new construction home or remodeling an existing kitchen there is an assortment of upgrades you have to choose from. It’s the different kitchen upgrades you choose that help you customize your kitchen to fit the needs and lifestyle of your home. Those little upgrades take your kitchen to the next level and can turn it into something extraordinary. 

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Kitchen Style vs. Exterior Home Style - Do They Need To Match?

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Mon, Dec 14, 2015

Getting a new kitchen can be a lot of fun. It is a chance to start fresh and give your house a whole new look. Something many homeowners don’t think about when choosing what style of kitchen they want is making sure there is some continuity between the exterior style of their home to the interior style of the home.

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