Popular Kitchen Cabinet Colors And Finishes That Don’t Go Out Of Style

Posted by Central Cabinetry on Fri, Dec 04, 2015

central_colors_with_staying_power.jpgGetting a new kitchen is not inexpensive.   When remodeling your Central Florida kitchen you want to make sure that you choose cabinets that will not quickly date themselves and leave you with buyer’s remorse.   Over the years we have found that there are certain cabinet colors and finishes that no matter what the trend is they never seem to go out of style.

It’s no surprise that in today’s world you can have pretty much any cabinet color you want. As the new fads come around there always seems to be one color of the year that seems to grab everyone’s attention. Those colors seem to go as quickly as they come. On the other hand there are those cabinet finishes and colors that have remained constant over the years and have what we consider staying power. They have remained popular and no matter the decorating style are easy to work around and it is easy to give your kitchen an updated look.

What are some of those colors and finishes that have staying power? If you want a painted cabinet we suggest white, off white, grays, blacks and some shades of blue. Most natural wood stains and finishes are also pretty safe.

At Central Cabinetry we don’t expect you to ignore that new fun color altogether. You can always use those popular colors as an accent wall or to give your kitchen a splash of color with the accessories you decide to use or add to your kitchen. You might consider getting new dishes, painting your barstools, or even getting light fixtures. If you are really set on that mint green than maybe you can go with a two tone cabinet finish and use it as your island color. To schedule an appointment with one of our kitchen design experts about kitchen colors you might use in your Orlando kitchen remodel you can contact us here.

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